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Pointing To Need . . . for a new community center, Emerson mayor Jack Evans hopes to convince voters to back a $2 million bond issue in election Tuesday. All other buildings damaged in 1982 flood have been restored or are undergoing replacement, but…

Cleaning Up Flood Waters . . . from the streets of Emerson required help from many area residents. Six feet of water inundated the town on June 15, 1982, when Indian Creek spilled over its banks, causing nearly $3 million damage.

Selling Emerson School . . . are board secretary Elmo Hites and auctioneer Art Fritcher as Nishna Valley Supt. Lewis Doubleday and board president Frank Durbin confer.

At The Door . . . of the school where he received all his formal education is Ernie Cole, 84-year-old Emerson farmer.

Centennial Days . . . which will be observed with various events from May through August in Emerson, are planned by this Main Street gathering of Bill Douglas, centennial association president, Mrs. Thelma Blank, Ray Mitchell, Mrs. Ivan Durbin and Ed…

Proper Grooming . . . always important during centennial time, makes Doyle Debolt's barber shop a busy place in Emerson, for both 19th century beards and haircuts alike. Debolt, with undoubtedly one of the sportiest whisker styles in town, looks in…

Nishna Valley Proposal . . . calls for this junior-senior high school building and a $696,000 bond issue. the elevated section in the middle houses the gymnasium.

Coming Down . . . piece by piece is Emerson's old Opera House, condemned and unused for about four years.

Emerson, IA
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