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Council Bluffs Changing Scene--The E.T. Waterman home at 17 Voorhis St. is shown in about 1893. The one-story brick house was the scene of the wedding of Mrs. Edna Holst, daughter of the Watermans, who now lives at 202 Stutsman St.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Another carriage factory is shown at 129 West Broadway back in 1886. This plant was the first carriage factory of E.T. Waterman, who later moved to N. Main St. The picture comes from Mrs. Edna Holst, 202 Stutsman St.,…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--In 1884 when carriage factories were common business in Council Bluffs, E.T. Waterman operated this one at 45 N. Main St. here Waterman, with his crew, and two of his fancy models are pictured in front of the factory.
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