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The General Dodge House in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1973.

The end of the 'haunted house" was the result of well-chosen undercuts by bulldozer operators for the J.C. White Wrecking Co., that tumbled the big old Squire House at 600 Third Street Wednesday morning. The "haunted house" got the name after…

Council Bluffs History . . . is exemplified in the Historic General Dodge House which annually draws thousands of visitors to view the restored Victorian mansion.

Holding a Christmas Bouquet . . . this statue joins in the spirit of the season at the Dodge House. Victorians were fond of statuary, and this little figure stands guard in the dining room. Christmas wreaths and greenery also help lend a festive air…

Dainty Snowflakes And Flowers . . . decorate the tree in the Art Nouveau room on the second floor of the Dodge House. The ornaments are entirely handmade from "quilled" paper and although fragile-looking, they are actually very sturdy. Nonetheless,…

"A Flemish Fantasy" . . . is the name of a flower-decked tree that brings holiday spirit into the Dodge House front parlor. The tree is decorated with dainty nosegays and lacy ribbons, while gold-colored Christmas lights provide a warm glow. The tree…

Taking A Look . . . at the elegant dining room table ready for Christmas visitors is Dodge House director Dawn Mosher. The large punch bowl that occupies the place of honor on the table is on loan from a local resident. Two gleaming silver…

Examining the fabric of the new Brussels Lace curtains at the Historic Dodge House Wednesday are Trustees R.B. Graeme, 445 Glen Ave., Mrs. William Cutler, 524 Clark Ave., and Mrs. James L. Knott, 12 Westlake Village.
The Swiss-made historical…

The spacious August Beresheim House at 621 Third St., will be opened as an orientation center for the Historic General Dodge House Sunday, just in time for the annual Christmas tea. Part of the last-minute rush to prepare the 1899 home for opening is…

An Original Fireplace . . . one of two located on the main floor of the house, is trimmed in decorated tile and oak frame, topped with beveled mirrors. The showcase at right will contain part of the Dora Talley glass collection shipped to Dodge House…

Restored Staircase . . . is one of the main features of the Beresheim House. The ornate stairway of white oak leads from the main floor to the third floor and is trimmed with delicate carvings and turnings. Looking over the railing are Mrs. G.A.…

In National Register . . . of historic landmarks is the August Beresheim House, next door to the Historic Gen. Dodge House. Notice of the listing was received Wednesday.

Unbelievable Beauty . . . is created by the contrast of the ebony black finish of the etagere in the front hall of the Historic General Dodge House and the mother-of-pearl embellishments. Mrs. Michael Terry, guide, said "It is easily moveable on its…

Nursery Fixture . . . is unusual in that a large bisque cherub tops the ornate brass fixture entwined with metal leaves, the shades are made like petals in glass.

In Daughter's Bedroom . . . is another fine example of Victorian art. The hanging gas light with Vaseline shades on the six arms plus opalescent glass balls worked into the main part of the light.

An Original . . . with the Dodge House is the ornate lamp mounted on the newel post of the winding staircase. Penny Chatfield, Dodge House curator, looks at the lamp with etched shade and double tier majolica base.

Among The Treasures . . . in the Dodge House doll show is this lavish house, in the museum's permanent collection. The six-foot walnut house has glass doors, four levels and contains an exceptional array of period doll furniture. The house was…

A special occasion requires special dress. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jensen and their children, Alan, 4, and Dorothy, 7, dress for the Bicentennial in Revolutionary War-era costumes for the Dodge House Ice Cream Social. Roger Olsen and Larry Blecha, left,…

New at the Beresheim House, 621 Third St., is W. Dendy Sadler's painting "Sweetheart Still." Sadler (1854-1923) created the oil painting, valued at $10,000, in the late 19th or early 20th century after studying in London. It is the gift of Mr. and…

Contrasting . . . clear and frosted glass are used for these covers for dishes. The left one is a compote with a frosted glass doge serving as a handle. The butter dish at the right sports a crouching lion.
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