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301 W. Pierce.tif
Photographs of 301 West Pierce St. in Council Bluffs.

Adventist-Seventh Day. 142 Valley View Dr. 8/4/1984 New pastor : Tom Scull
Program to mark 80th Birthday. March 26, 1966
Adventists relocate. May 3, 1969
Plan ribbon cutting Seventh-Day Adventists relocate. October 28, 1972
Adventists provide…

Leading Clothing Boxes . . . into pickup are Pastor Anton Fritz, Mrs. Mirzalee Rapp and Fred Rawlings. - Nonpareil Photo.

Spacious And the newly completed combination church and educational unit structure of Church of Christ, located on McPherson Avenue.

Pulpit Area...of sanctuary is beautified by diamond effect paneling in the background, accented by flax, gold, and brown color tones throughout the area.

Broadway_United_Methodist_ Church_3_17_1958_005.jpg
Placing The Cornerstone...for the Educational Unit at Broadway Methodist Church are Eldon Butler and Carl Beason. The Rev. Glenn A. Parrott looks on.

Churches B373b.tif
Photograph of the Baraca Class, Presbyterian Church, 1912. A list of names is on the back of the photograph.

Discussing memorabilia...of Bethany United Presbyterian Church's past 75 years are Jack Fernley, chairman for the obsevration; Elmer Shipley, who will provide a slide presentation and display and the Rev. David Grimm, pastor.

photo of Bethany Presbyterian Church, 1900 So. 7th St.

Bethany Presbysterian Church
1900 S. 7th St.

Bible Chapel, Inc.
801 Ave. E
formerly 'Church of the Brethren'

Broadway_United_Methodist_ Church_3_8_1965_007.jpg
Consecration Broadway Methodist parsonage was conducted by Bishop James S. Thomas, right, assisted by Dr. E. Everett Staats, Dr. J. Henry Teele, Leslie M. Ward, chairman of the board of trustees, and the Rev. William Ballard.

Like a space rocket blasting off, the new spire starts its trip to the top of the tower on the Broadway Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon as more than 1,000 spectators watch the job. The new steeple extends 150 feet above the street. See page 3…

Bretheren [sic] Church
Peace Church of the Brethren
2605 Avenue E
3/9/86 Pastors: Revs. Samuel & Cindy Weber-Ham

photo of church building, barn-like structure with white siding. Photo has been edited in the area of the grounds and curb, and parts of the foundation.

Celebrating...the 50th anniversary of the Broadway Christian Church are Arthur J. Rogers, 130 Park Ave., the Rev. Traverce Harrison, Pastor, and William H. Schupp, 2600 Fifth Ave. Rogers and Schupp, charter members of the church established in 1927,…

Primary now an attractive, roomy area for study and play. James Amend and the Rev. Benny Boling proudly check to be sure everything is ready for classes Sunday.

Before Refurbishing Began...several months ago the same Primary Department looked like this. At the time the Rev. Mr. Boling pointed out changes to be made.

Taking Last mortgage of sanctuary are the Rev. Benny Boling, Jr. Jess Jenkins and Mrs. Fred Coley

This Is The Sketch...drawn by Architect I.T. Carrithers for the remodeling and construction project planned and Broadway Christian Church. Paving bricks from Broadway may be used in part of the building.
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