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A winter view of the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial at Fairview Cemetery

One Of The Finest Works . . . of the late Daniel Chester French was scheduled for a paint job. It stands at Lafayette Ave. and North Second St.

Touched by winter's magic artistry, the Dodge Memorial statue and fountain are transformed into a picture of fairyland during the recent heavy snow.

Know Your Scenes: This imposing bronze figure is the city's most famous statue and, appropriately, is associated with one of the best known families in Council Bluffs history. Can you identify it? the answer appears elsewhere on this page.

Covered With Paint . . . is one indignity memorial statue has sustained at hands of vandals. Inaccessibility and vandalism are reasons sometimes cited for moving Dodge Memorial from present location near Fairview Cemetery. But city officials hope…

The Black Angel . . . may be turning a little green with age but it sure didn't need a coat of paint by vandals.

The "Black Angel" near Fairview Cemetery. The statue's fountain is now flowing again.

Angel Lights: Colored lights mounted in surrounding tree limbs illuminate the Black Angel, near Lafayette Avenue and North Second Street. The lights were installed by the City Park Board.

Waiting For The Touch . . . of repair crews is the Ruth Anne Dodge memorial, better known as the Black Angel. Downing said the city will spend about $3,000 to spruce up the memorial, fixing the lights and possibly reconnecting the fountain that once…

Participating in Wednesday's dedication of the fountain at the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial were, from left, Mayor Tom Hanafan, Council Bluffs Arts Council President Phyllis Otto, Hitchcock Foundation President Denman Kountze, Council member Jane Peters…

The Black Angel . . . located near Lafayette Avenue and North Second Street, was dedicated to the late Mrs. Grenville M. Dodge in 1920. At that time the statue was bronze, but through the years the weather has changed her to black. Now the weather…

Mayda Goodberry . . . , a bronze expert, works at the base of the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial in Fairview Cemetery Wednesday. A restoration project is being sponsored by the Bluffs Arts Council.

Above is an artist's rendering of the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial upon completion of restoration work.

Black Angel re-dedication at Dodge Memorial Park

Black Angel re-dedication at Dodge Memorial Park
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