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A bust of Richard Nixon has been carved out of a walnut tree by former U.S. Congressman Ben F. Jensen of Exira, and he hopes to present the image to Nixon. Jensen, shown here with the bust, served 26 years in Congress before his defeat in 1964, and…

Mrs. Jensen . . . joins Ben on their front steps for one of the two pictures taken of her during her husband's 26 years in public life.

Favorite Quotation . . . is shown by former Congressman Ben F. Jensen as he sits at his desk in his library-museum.

Within minutes after posing for this picture on the Capitol steps Friday, State Sen. Ed. Wearin, Red Oak, and U.S. Rep. Ben Jensen (R-Exira) re-entered the building and learned the President had been shot. Wearin was in Washington to testify about…

Cub Scout Michael Vary of Bethesda, MD, enrolled Iowa Rep. Ben F. Jensen of Exira in the movement at Washington, part of the National Boy Scout Week program. Rep. Jensen, ranking minority member of the Appropriations committee, received a lapel pin…

Congressman Ben F. Jensen, R-Iowa, greets astronauts John H. Glenn, right, and Alan Shepherd, center, when they appeared this week before the independent offices appropriations subcommittee, of which Jensen is a member.

Talking Politics . . . are Harold Beckman, Pottawattamie County Republican chairman, and Rep. Ben F. Jensen.

Buying Tractor . . . for grandson "Chipper" from Buel Lensch and Mrs. H.C. Douglas gives Jensen a chance to combine Christmas shopping and politicking in Glidden.

Talking To Students . . . is Rep. Ben Jensen with State Sen. Peter Hansen. The Manning High School students are Barbara Mundt, Bill Ohde and Gerolyn Hinz.

President Kennedy has launched a series of afternoon get-togethers at the White House for members of Congress. Here is a group which met recently, including, left to right, Rep. George Andrews (D-Alabama); Rep. Ben F. Jensen of Exira (R-Iowa);…
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