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The public library's new bookmobile . . .rolled into Council Bluffs Saturday and work began immediately to stock the shelves and give the $29,473 vehicle its "shake down" cruise. About to enter the new vehicle are Mildred Smock, librarian, and Mrs.…

Arranging pictures . . . for the Council Bluffs Public Library's art exhibit are Librarian Miss Mildred Smock and assistant, Mrs. Amerlia O'Neill. --Nonpareil Photo.

Wally Tuel . . . a patron of the Council Bluffs Public Library, views one of the periodicals on display. Mildred Smock, librarian, explains procedure for use of the periodicals.--Nonpareil Photo.

Library facilities . . . are explained by Mildred Smock, librarian, to the board of trustees: N.T. Sondag, Philip J. Wilson, Robert W. Turner, Willard Nyquist and Mrs. Harry C. Voss. --Nonpareil Photo.

Displaying a new print . . . added to the Council Bluffs Library collection is Library Director Mildred Smock. The print is Jean Baptist's painting, "A flower piece," available, like 270 other prints for rent. -Nonpareil photo.

Trying to find another space . . . on a crowded bookshelf is Council Bluffs Librarian Mildred Smock. Lack of space is one of the many reasons why library supporters are looking for a new location for a main public library. --Nonpareil Photo.

Taking time off . . . from her duties as Council Bluffs librarian is Mildred Smock, center, show here reading to Gunn School first graders Jenny Tanous and Maria Elena Stacy, a fourth grader at Bloomer School. --Nonpareil Photo

No, the statue hasn't been embalmed. "The Boy With the Leaking Boot" arrived in Council Bluffs on June 3 in a wooden box resembling a coffin. Head Librarian Mildred Smock examines the statue in the basement of the Public Library where it is being…
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