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Council Bluffs Public Library File #1
Free public library, with 56,000 volumes, is outgrowth of one room of donated books. July 26, 1936
Name library room for Mark Twain. November 17, 1952
New children's library is gay and bright wonderland.…

The new children's library . . .provides a new setting for the world of children's books. Note how the shelf areas, reading tables and the circulation department are all designed to fit "little people." - Nonpareil Photo.

Miss Germaine Krettek . . . in her redecorated office that includes desk high files, heavy drapes at window and a rural scene in wall paper on one wall.

Room space . . . at the library was created by closing the north entrance at Willow Avenue. It provides a secretary's office and through doors at rear is the microfilm material section. Miss Ardis Hansen is at left. --Nonpareil Photos.

The public library's new bookmobile . . .rolled into Council Bluffs Saturday and work began immediately to stock the shelves and give the $29,473 vehicle its "shake down" cruise. About to enter the new vehicle are Mildred Smock, librarian, and Mrs.…

Arranging pictures . . . for the Council Bluffs Public Library's art exhibit are Librarian Miss Mildred Smock and assistant, Mrs. Amerlia O'Neill. --Nonpareil Photo.

Supplying bookmobile shelves . . . with about 4,000 new books is bookmobile librarian Mrs. Barbara Jansen. -Nonpareil Photo.

Wally Tuel . . . a patron of the Council Bluffs Public Library, views one of the periodicals on display. Mildred Smock, librarian, explains procedure for use of the periodicals.--Nonpareil Photo.

Library facilities . . . are explained by Mildred Smock, librarian, to the board of trustees: N.T. Sondag, Philip J. Wilson, Robert W. Turner, Willard Nyquist and Mrs. Harry C. Voss. --Nonpareil Photo.

75 year of the squeeze for Council Bluffs Library. January 6, 1975
SWIRLS service increases in SWI. March 9, 1975
800 to 1,000 books taken each year. Library theieves take 'free' library too literally. March 17, 1975
$30,000 library request…

Picture book desk . . . in foreground are of special design for young readers who life the wide pages of picture books. At the table, left to right, are Lorraine Hodge, 7, and Rita Walsh, 7. In background, at "browsing" shelf, is Margie Hodge, 10.…

Entrance to the new children's library . . . strikes the visitor with its brightness and color. Just inside the entrance is the circulation desk. Seated is Mrs. Ruth Plummer, assistant in the children's department. --Nonpareil Photos.

Patrons and Mildred Smock standing by "Fiction" and "Recordings."

(Article in separate file from photograph used.)
Browsing in the newly opened . . . Mark Twain Room are (from left) Margie Hodge, 10, Lorraine Hodge, 7, and Rita Walsh, 7, all students from St. Francis School. -1952 Nonpareil file photo.

Friends of the Library will sell books and records donated by the community May 14 through 17 at the Public Library. Looking over one of the older books on sale are Susan Klohn, Walter Pyper, Helen Kistle and Doris Nachman. The group will have a…

Spanning the range . . . from texts to are are old books at Council Bluffs libray. Among the volumes are a 250-year-old textbook (left), an 1814 treatise on bridge-building (right) and a controversial 1937 book of photographs from Nazi Germany's 1936…

Looking for space . . . for more old books is adult services librarian Mary Lois Nelson. Library has an undetermined number of old and rare books - including one worth perhaps $1,500 - but no place to display them to public. -Nonpareil by Jim Ebert.

Retracing the past . . . in library's historical room, staff members and researchers can use references including Gen. Grenville Dodge's personal letters and autobiography. Room's books on early Midwest have been used by scholars, authors. Another…

Serving readers - is a growing task for library Mildred Smock and her staff. A library staff member since 1941, Miss Smock said users' needs have changed over the years. The library has added new technology and expanded its services, she said, but…
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