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A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Frank B. Stewart, Council Bluffs, Iowa, thanking her for a gift.

A poem, "Tribute to Amelia," sent to Amelia Bloomer

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from M.F.C. [Des Moines, Iowa?] asking Bloomer to secure people to agitate the [women's rights] questions in Iowa's newspapers.

A poem, "The Little Advocate," by Mrs. L.H. Sigourney to Amelia Bloomer. Possibly a submission to 'The Lily."

Resolutions from the Star of Hope of the Good Templars upon the occasion of the Bloomers' move to The West.

Last part of a note or letter apparently meant to accompany a gift of a photo album; signed by Amelia Bloomer [?]

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Mary J. Coggeshall, Des Moines, Iowa, asking Bloomer for assistance in procuring signatures from Pottawattamie on a petition re: presentation of amendment in the Legislature.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Mary C. Vaughan, Sackets Harbor, New York, referencing speeches and occasions.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Emily Clark, LeRoy [New York?], an advocate of temperance.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Eleanor A. Fox describing her life in W.P., St. Paul's Church in Council Bluffs, and other items.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from E.F. Ellot, West Point, Nebraska, declining the appointment to the Executive Committee of the Women's N.Y. State Temperance Society, but expressing support for the cause of temperance.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from M.E. Wilson [Mary E. Wilson, Kentucky poet?], thanking Bloomer for sending The Lily, and enclosing a few lines for The Lily. Note at the bottom of the letter (in different handwriting): "A Kentucky poet"

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Lucy Stone, written from Waverly, New York, suggesting that a convention in Iowa would be better at the time of the anniversary of the American Association, since many speakers would be nearby.

Letter to Amelia Bloomer from W.N. Washburn, East Hampton, requesting an autograph on an enclosed card.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Justine Smith, Indianapolis, Indiana, discontinuing her subscription to The Lily because she is sailing to Europe in May, and asking for a few line from Bloomer.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from T.J. Mackay [rector of St. Paul's church in Council Bluffs], writing from Boston Massachusetts, describing the commencement exercises of the Sumner School of Physical Culture at Harvard College.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer form William J. Bok of the New York Syndicate Press, asking Bloomer if she would go to the polls and vote if suffrage was extended to her.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from A.J. Holmes [Congressman Adoniram Judson Holmes] thanking her for her part in the entirety of his remarks inserted in full in a work recently published by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Remarks were to the 19th General…

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Mrs. L. W. Ross, Iowa City, Iowa, asking for names of prominent women of the country whose autographs they might collect for the University library.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from A.J. Holmes [Congressman Adonirum Hudson Holmes], Washington, D.C., responding to Bloomer's request to Governor Sherman for information about the presentation of a gold medal to Kate Shelley.
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